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Döhle (IOM) Group of Companies

Döhle (IOM) Ltd. is one of the largest ship management groups in the Isle of Man. Operating from its Fort Anne offices overlooking Douglas Bay to provide a full range of crewing, technical, commercial, corporate and administrative management services. We are dedicated to achieving the highest levels of service and expertise for our clients.

Midocean (IOM) Limited

Midocean is the ship management division of the Döhle Group on the Isle of Man, providing operational and technical management for a number of vessels within the Group and to third party clients.

Mezeron Limited

Mezeron is a local shipping and logistics company providing the Isle of Man with a regular and efficient service shipping goods into and out of the Island.

Döhle Yachts

Döhle Yachts was founded over ten years ago as the superyacht services and support group of Döhle Private Clients Limited. We now provide a comprehensive range of services to many of the best known, most valuable and admired yachts in the world.

In the years that Döhle Yachts has been operating we have earned a reputation for providing the highest quality service, support and solutions to the superyacht industry.

Döhle Corporate and Trust Services Limited

Döhle Corporate and Trust Services Limited (DCTS) is a leading independent corporate and fiduciary service provider specialising in managing corporate and trust structures on behalf of multinational corporations through to high net worth individuals and their professional advisors.

Whilst headquartered in the Isle of Man we also have an office in Malta which provides a range of corporate, yachting and aviation services.


For further information about the Döhle group’s involvement and participation in London International Shipping Week contact Mike Dean: or Eckhard Garbers, Managing Director, Döhle Corporate and Trust Services Ltd (E:

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