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The Isle of Man Ship Registry is one of the leading international ship registers in the World and the Isle of Man is the Flag of Choice for some of the world’s leading blue-chip shipping organisations and the world’s most prestigious superyachts.

Whilst the Isle of Man provides owners and operators with a stable, safe and secure political and financial jurisdiction in which to register their asset, its Ship Registry provides the regulation, registration, administration, survey, and certification of the ship or superyacht to exacting standards required by the international conventions. All of this is achieved with a pragmatic and customer-focused approach with consideration of the client’s commercial needs at the heart of everything that it does. It is an ISO 9001 accredited organisation operating under a robust quality system which ensures it meets its targets in terms of quality and service provision as well as customer satisfaction.

As a British Register flying the Red Ensign, the Isle of Man established an international register in 1984 (having been in in existence since 1786), its Ship Registry is now one of the fastest growing and most highly respected registers in the World. It received a top place in the industry’s Flag State performance table for 2013 (and previous years) and is highly placed on the world’s port state control whitelists. It is also recognised as a quality flag by the United States Coast Guard.

With in-house expertise in registration, survey, crew qualifications and certification, technical matters, ship and superyacht construction, legislation and international convention requirements, the Isle of Man Ship Registry is able to provide clients with accurate and timely help and advice on all aspects of maritime regulation and operation. It operates a 24/7 emergency response to help clients in times of need.

With no registration fees based on tonnage, the Isle of Man Ship Registry provides a very cost effective solution to owners looking for a high quality Flag State which provides unrivalled service, help and support.

For further information, please contact:

Dick Welsh, Director on or +447624451242

Alternatively, contact the Ship Registry direct:
Tel: +441624688500

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