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Manx Maritime Skills Showcased at London International Shipping Week

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Isle of Man Maritime Group’s rousing invitation only evening reception was one of the highlights of this year’s London International Shipping Week (LISW).

Outside Trinity House . Left -Right - Peter Taylor , Mike Dean , Dick Welsh , Bruce Mc Gregor

As official sponsors of LISW 2015, the Isle of Man Maritime Group’s “Nautical by Nature” event, held on 8th September, led a large international audience of senior decision makers from within the maritime industry on a journey through the Island’s rich seafaring heritage to its current position as a maritime centre of excellence.

Manx actors Chris and Howard Caine wrote and performed a set of unique sketches that brought to life just some of the Isle of Man’s maritime heritage, starting with the ‘Legacy of the Vikings’. They then went on to introduce guests to the ‘Ringleaders of the Mutiny on the Bounty’ and remember the ‘Courage of Captain John Quilliam’ who was First Lieutenant on HMS Victory, rounding off nicely with a scene around the inspiration of Sir William Hilary, who founded the RNLI.

Group Reception _1

The award winning Celtic band, Barrule performed its fresh take on traditional and contemporary Manx music whilst invited guests were able to sample local Bushy’s beers after Martin Brunnschweiler stepped up to donate some local Manx drinks for the reception. 

Towards the end of the evening Chris and Howard led the guests in raising the roof in a loud and exuberant sea shanty.

The music and drama were showcased in the historic surroundings of Trinity House, the remarkable 18th Century headquarters of the Corporation of Trinity House, which has maintained British lighthouses since the 16th Century. On arriving, guests were greeted by fluttering Manx fl ags and salutes from members of our very own Isle of Man Sea Cadets in uniform (pictured below) who guided more than 150 visitors up the grand, sweeping staircase to a reception in the main state room on the first floor. Everyone had the opportunity to visit the four other state rooms adorned with maritime paintings and antiquities including a replica of the 500-year-old oar mace presented by Manxman, Justice Teare.

Isle of Man Maritime Group Chairman and Director at PDMS, Bruce McGregor commented: “We used drama, music and humour to show off the rich nautical heritage of the Isle Man. For our many international guests it not only entertained but gave them a context of how and why the Island has become a leading maritime centre of excellence. The spectacular venue was the perfect place for us to meet and talk with leading industry figures who were all in London for LISW and to explain the wide range of maritime and related services the Isle of Man has to offer the maritime sector, including of course global yachting and shipping.”

Isle Of Man Maritime Group Cadets _1

Group member and Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry, Dick Welsh gave a speech emphasising the maritime signifi cance of the Island. He told guests: “The Isle of Man’s international ship register is one of the world’s leading registers and the fl ag of choice for many of the world’s top commercial shipping companies as well as for owners of prestigious superyachts. The register has become the fi fth fastest growing register over the past fi ve years.

‘Truly international in its client base, it attracts owners and operators because of its clientfocus and pragmatic approach to regulation.

"Whilst the register may be at its heart, it is Island’s maritime business community which enhances the overall offering. The public/ private partnership which exists does work to great effect. Together we can bring in new initiatives and promote a one-stop shop for all maritime activities. The expertise which now exists in sectors ranging from ship and yacht management, financial structures and a wide range of associated professional services, typifies how quickly the Isle of Man can adapt.

"We have become one of the world’s leading centres for superyacht business with the Island’s service companies being responsible for managing some of the world’s most iconic and valuable assets. Likewise in the merchant shipping sector, the Isle of Man offers a full range of professional, management and associated technical services which continue to grow all the time. With vessel and crew management now well established, we have added ship ownership, ship fi nance, payroll, legal services, security, enterprise maritime IT solutions, and insurance t o the wide range of services on offer.”

Guests at the reception met with Isle of Man Maritime Group representatives from: Affinity Management Services; Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Isle of Man); Döhle (IOM) Group of Companies; InterManager; Isle of Man Ship Registry; Isle of Man Shipping Association; Isle of Man Superyacht Forum; KPMG; MHG Insurance Brokers; PDMS Maritime and Simcocks.

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