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PDMS Maritime's international ship registry solution provides answers to IMO convention

Monday, August 03, 2015

Isle of Man Maritime Group member PDMS Maritime's MARIS solution for International Ship Registries, has provided an easy solution for the processing of the Nairobi Wreck Convention for international ship registries, owners and operators.

MARIS LOGOThe Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks came into force internationally on 14 April 2015.  The convention means that all ships over 300 gross tonnage must carry a Wreck Removal Insurance Certificate or evidence of financial security to cover the costs of wreck removal where there is sound legal basis that a wreck has the potential to adversely affect the safety of lives, goods and property at seas, or the marine and coastal environment. 

As a result of this new liability to ship owners, ship registries must now ensure that they have the procedures in place to process international certificates verifying the appropriate insurance cover for their registered ships.

Commenting on the new Convention requirements, Bruce McGregor, Director, PDMS Maritime said, "Through our international ship registry software, MARIS, we are able to provide a solution allowing international ship registries to issue Wreck Removal Insurance Certificates for annual renewal, and/or for ships to apply directly to registries for their certificates through MARIS.  One of the benefits of our platform is that we are able to quickly adapt and adhere to changing maritime legislation, incorporating new functionality to help international ship registries meet their international obligations."

Already in use by three of the world's leading International Ship Registries, MARIS has been designed to manage all the key business functions of an International Ship Registry, whilst helping stakeholders meet international IMO, PSC, STCW, ILO and MLC requirements. 

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